June 28, 2019

Fading Shades of Grey (PART 1)

(If haven't read my posts about the debutante conspiracy, I suggest reading it for context. https://longlivetheprince.blogspot.com/2019/01/the-web-thickens-another-blogger-mystery.html)

I'm sure I've said it before, but this has been my most ambitious Blogger mystery yet. I have previously mentioned a most infamous debutante by the name of "Miri". Miri has been one of the most mysterious and elusive influencers on Blogger, and now we have found her in a new adventure that blurs the lines between reality and fiction. Except this mystery is not about Miri as we know her; it's about a brooding blonde baroness named Pneumonia White.

If you have actually heard about Pneumonia White, it would probably be no surprise. White managed to acquire a significant following back in 2011. She and her counterpart Pneumonia Black spent their time on Blogger telling of their elusive Hollywood escapades, all the while constructing a meta-narrative under the surface of their stories. Though it was often difficult to decipher what percentage of her stories were fiction, White managed to build her story through allusion to her history, defining her group of odd characters, and including enciphered text in her blogs. It took a long time to piece together her tale, but here it is as best I can interpret:

It was July of 2011 when Pneumonia White got the call from her granny's attorney. White described her grandmother as 'the queen of old Bel Air'. Unfortunately for Pneumonia White, the queen had fallen prey to the passage of time and unshackled herself from her mortal coil. Upon hearing the attorney's news of granny's death White and her family left the beaches of Venice, Italy and flew back to LA, California.

It had been five years since White had been in LA. In those days, she was simply called 'Anya'. Her mother and father settled in their old home in Silverlake while the funeral details were underway. However, Pneumonia White would not lay her head in her childhood home. Instead, her granny had left Anya her old mansion in Bel Air. As Anya gazed up at the white spanish walls hidden behind the lush greenery, she held her [deceased] brother's faithful teddy bear Aloysius tighter. Surely she would be able to survive this ordeal if she just held on tightly. Time went on and she missed her hometown in Karelia. She missed simpler days when her mom wasn't an alcoholic and her father wasn't asleep in his grave. And she missed her young brother Viktor, who never ceased to make her smile but had not seen the sun in a decade. Now all she had to remember him by was the shard of his soul that he left in his stuffed bear Aloysius. If only she could have Pneumonia Black by her side; she was indeed empty and filled with longing as her other half remained elusive.

no. 1

Night falls, and Anya heard a sound from the porch. Black was back. It had been five years since the pair had seen one another. As young teenagers they were as inseparable as they were irresponsible. Not only was Pneumonia Black finally by Anya's side, but Black went as far as to move in with her. The two were inseparable once more as they (and Aloysius) enjoyed the pleasures of LA living.

However, it would not be long before paradise fell. Aloysius had grown irritable and hostile because he had developed feelings for Pneumonia Black. Granny's lawyer postponed the date of the funeral, leaving the family members to wait with baited breath for the announcement. Anya was very vulnerable during this time, so it was especially difficult when the worst happened: Black disappeared. She left without a word and was off taking care of private business. White was devastated. It was here that the narrative began to fall apart as Anya wrote primarily about her daily struggles while the lines between her metaphors and her reality were gradually whittled away. Events were more vague, she was in a constant haze, and any meaning to be gleaned had to be interpreted more than usual.


The attorney finally returned and granny's funeral arrangements were made. Pneumonia White started her blog as a result of her grandmother's death, so the funeral seemed like the logical climax to the story. But something broke inside our dear little Anya. There were many lawyers who didn't like her blog and were threatened by her revealing glimpses into the Hollywood underground. She was silenced from saying anything about her Granny's funeral and she quit her blog shortly after. Though she had a brief resurgence in 2014 exactly three years after leaving her blog, that portion of posts was deleted and she fell back into silence. But not all was as it seemed; for Pneumonia White left us one final puzzle: An encrypted message that has remained unsolved to this day.

There is so much to understand about this tale, the previous iteration of Anya/Miri, and the final cipher. I have been working tirelessly to piece together the full narrative, but that's a story for another day. Until next time.

Long live the King

June 26, 2019

Blogger's Most Wanted

My Photo
This is a gentleman I have run across many times. He exists beyond the farthest reaches of my kingdom. He is an ever-present spirit that you see in the corner of your eye. He is the soul of a man who has seen death's gates, but is as tangibly extant as the clouds of mist that surround us. This is the man who flatlined.
Cold Cadaver and I have a bit of history together, though we have never spoken with one another. As an avid Blogger browser I have seen the incredibly far reaches of my kingdom through diving down deep rabbit holes. And though I will walk miles and miles away from my castle, I keep seeing this man. Corners of the internet that were left abandoned years ago hold him as their most recent follower. Bloggers who were several blogs removed from people in the Debutante Circle and the Cinderella Society host his face in their recent follower list. I am haunted at every turn by his visage.
What is even more shocking is the incredible amount of people that this fellow follows. (I have estimated it to be well over 300 and still rising.) I had not the patience to count the many blogs that inhabit his following list, but if you are so inclined you may do so here. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the type of content he subscribes to.
After tracking down Cadaver's official profile, I learned quite a lot about him. I learned that he likely gets his handle from the fact that he was in a catastrophic accident when he was 15 years old and stared death in its pale, gaunt face. But more importantly, I learned that this flatliner has 20-25 blogs that all appear to host the ramblings of a mad man. I mean no ill-will towards Cold Cadaver, but his writings-both in format and in content-persist in leaving me flummoxed.
Kold_Kadavr_Flatliner is a wanted man; not because he has committed a crime, but because he is indeed an enigma. If anyone knows this kind accountant from Topeka, Kansas, I would love to know what made him this way.
Long live the King

June 21, 2019

The Secret Coven (PART 2)

I really don't know what I hope to gain from making these indexes. Researching the Debutants was easier; I had narrowed the search down to 9 characters, I made a list of people who were potentially connected, and I was able to cross-reference the events they wrote about. However, the Cinderella Society has always been private about how many members they have and who is a part of it.

Since I have no actual way of knowing who is a Cinderella and who isn't, all I have to go off of is the blog genre. As you can imagine, this blogosphere went much deeper than first glance would indicate. The following index is approximately 33% of the bloggers I was able to find connected with different members, and that's not including the many bloggers who deleted their blogs. (I estimate that about half of the connected people deleted themselves.) There's no guarantee that everyone listed was part of the society, but they at least contributed to an enchanting genre of blogs and had mutual connections with the Cinderellas. At the very least, please take this as a list of beautiful blogs that you should visit. I think they are worth the trip.

http://end-of-march.blogspot.com/ (MJ, 11/08-12/11)
http://raindropsandrosepetals.blogspot.com/ (Sara, 03/09-08/11)
http://thestorytellersdiary.blogspot.com/ (Diana, 07/09-08/12)
http://pocket-diaries.blogspot.com/ (Elly B, 02/10-12/11)
http://jokelynbrown.blogspot.com/ (Brooklyn, 02/10-04/13)
http://sentimentalrubbish.blogspot.com/ (Bethany 'Melee', 03/10-02/15)
http://notwendydarling.blogspot.com/ (Ariana, 04/10-09/17)
http://magicandsecrets.blogspot.com/ ('Princess' Camille, 09/10-11/11)
http://blushofdawn.blogspot.com/ (Jade, 12/10-03/18)
http://skeletal-dreams.blogspot.com/ (Skeletaldreams, 12/10-05/12)
http://fairygodmotherstories.blogspot.com/ (A Fairy Godmother, 02/11-04/11)
http://the-last-fairy-tale.blogspot.com/ (Lili, 07/11-07/12)
http://moon-lore.blogspot.com/ (Haze, 09/11-Present)

Through all my research I was only able to find one external mention of the secret coven. Here it is:
[Dialogue between Anon and Ariana:]

Anon: Dear, I'm very confused about the C Society. Did you create it? I joined but I couldn't find you anywhere. And would you be very insulted if I unjoined? I like the idea of it, and I will stick around for a while to see what other people write, but I also don't feel like I truly belong there. Mermaidism is where I belong. Is that alright? Oh please don't be upset. Anyway, I'm definitely sticking around for now; my curiosity is burning. xxxx

Ariana: Never fear, it is not a place for writing like before. Discussion, ideas, etc.. Soon, we'll create a chat room and hold our first rendezvous. If you would not like to participate, I completely understand, dear one, some may not feel comfortable, and I won't hold it against you. xxx
I'm sorry for coming up short on this one. I realize that my recent posts haven't been up to their usual standard and that a secret society deserves more attention. Alas, I am increasingly busy with other projects at the moment so you all may have to bear with me for a while. I don't think this story is over.

Long live the King

June 18, 2019

The Secret Coven (PART 1)

As promised, I will tell you the story of my encounter with the mysterious Cinderella Society. It all started when I stumbled across a lovely little bloggess named Lumina. Lumina was a brilliant writer, artist, and singer, (who probably deserves her own post, in all fairness). Her blog was full of whimsy, fairy-tale, and a fascinating narrative, so I certainly recommend giving it a read. After reading her entire blog I fell in love with her affinity for finding the enchanted side of life.

Seeking more content of its kind, I followed all the friends of hers I could find to their respective blogs. After following trails of authors who spoke in fairy tales, I pieced together the scattered shards of a Blogger community that has been dead for some time. Per my normal processes when finding ancient blogospheres, I looked for common threads that could bind this group of blogs together. In terms of content there were many underlying themes that were somewhat common among the authors. For instance, all of them shared an affinity for the fairy-tale/fantasy genre, they often dabbled in art and poetry as well as writing, they were most active around 2011, several of them were part of the EGL (Elegant-Goth & Lolita) Community, and many of them deleted their blogs. I found many common traits among them, but it felt like there was a unifying piece missing. That's when I found it: The Cinderella Society.

This elusive group identified as a 'society of feminine magic-hunters and occultists.' I was shocked to find that a secret coven of mystics had existed under my very nose! It's rare that a king is unaware of a powerful group, let alone a magic society in his own kingdom. Being resolved to solve every mystery in my kingdom, I dove deeper down the proverbial rabbit hole. Luckily, the Cinderellas were kind enough to have a page explaining their nature and purpose.
"In simpler terms, the Cinderella Society is a selective esoteric discussion group prone to whimsy. We like to discuss everything from Fernando Pessoa and Jungian psychology to the history behind the Harry Potter books. We are also a research-based group, contributing to an ever-growing private wikipedia documenting our findings on a variety of interesting topics, among them Rosicrucianism, Nicolas Flamel, and 19th to 20th spiritualism as a reaction to the Enlightenment Period and the Industrial Revolution. 

Since established during the summer of 2010, the Cinderella Society has waxed and waned in activity, but whether we have 30 members or five, one aspect has not changed: the inherent drive to understand the magical, foreign, and otherworldly embedded in the foundation of our nature."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This group was dedicated to understanding the supernatural, magical, and otherworldly. Near as I can tell, the group was founded by a girl named Ariana who started blogging at the young age of 13. It's an incredibly ambitious undertaking for someone so young to start a secret society, but Ariana clearly had the vision to do it.

Though I can't definitively prove which bloggers were a part of the society, I have yet another index of authors who I have cross-referenced and cataloged. I still don't know if that's the kind of content you all enjoy, but I will be posting it soon all the same. Stay tuned!

Long live the King

June 6, 2019

The Lost Princess

For those of you familiar with my handle, your mind is likely jumping to many conclusions upon reading the title of this post. I will tell you in advance that the title of the monarch I have been hunting is completely coincidental, (albeit a bit serendipitous).

It is no secret that I have reigned over Blogger for quite a while. Seeing as this platform is my home and that I tend to be a recluse, it's scarce that I get the chance to acquaint myself with other royals. Naturally, when I found evidence of a kindred spirit ruling over a kingdom on Wordpress, I was intrigued.

Originally I was investigating a secret society on Blogger called The Cinderella Society. (I will be writing about it soon.) In investigating people who were thematically connected, I kept finding links to someone called The Lost Princess. If you wanted to visit the website in question [www.thelostprincess.com] you would find naught but an error message. This was troubling to me, especially because I desperately wanted to meet another wandering monarch. But I was not going to be defeated that easily.

I pooled my resources together and scoured the archives for any remnants of her old kingdom. Apparently, I hit the jackpot. And now for your edification, I will tell you the tale of The Lost Princess:

The Lost Princess, originally known as Princess Skye, was an elegant young lady from Perth, Australia. She was born on the 7'th of October, had 'O' type blood, and lived her life as she felt a princess would. In her own words, she was a 'Peter Pan that chose to never grow up, never grow old, and to escape to her enchanted land and live as she pleased.' And for anyone doubting her royalty, she had this to say:

"I am a real Princess, I was not born to a royal title as is recognized by the few surviving monarchies today, but within my heart I hold the ideal of what it means to be a Princess. Kindness, Feminity, Compassion, Hope, Romance, Beauty, Dignity, Grace, all these things I treasure as the jewels of my own precious crown.
Smell flowers, eat cake, smile at strangers and dance to the melody of your heart.
That is all it takes to be a Princess."

Armed with this creed of royal resolve, Princess Skye began her reign on Wordpress in December of 2006 with a site called 'The Princess Portal'. In this queendom of hers, she posted many things about being a princess. She also wrote about her various interests, including baking, fairy tales, and Lolita Fashion. However, in May 2009, Skye decided to abandon the Princess Portal project and pursue something new. Enter: The Lost Princess project.

In that very month of May, the princess announced that she would be moving to a new blog called-you guessed it-'The Lost Princess'. This new blog was going to be different than the previous; it was to be a much more intimate experience. After rebranding herself as 'Princess Skylark' she led her new blog with this:

"This is something fresh and new I’m trying. New things are scary, but sometimes scary is good. I am going to try writing my own story, in little parts. What I think, what I do, what I see. Like an old scrapbook, with pictures and quotes and movie tickets pasted in. There shall be recipes and stories for rainy days. Sketches and scribbles and sewing."

This new castle that she built was absolutely beautiful. Normally when I find treasures in the royal archives I tend to hoard them away like a miser. But today, your little prince would like to share a gift with you. I have actually managed to re-create a slice of her blog just for you! You can find it HERE! Please check it out. It took a bit of work! (And please forgive the glitchy interface; that is the cost of having conflicting blog themes.)

Sadly, Skylark disappeared in April of 2012 without a trace or resignation. The blog was deleted a year later in December of 2013. Now all that remains of The Lost Princess is the archives and various references by those connected with The Cinderella Society. It's always a matter of mourning when an entire empire falls to dust and disappears into the forgotten corners of history.

Gaze Lost Princess Asleep by princess.skye Playing with Charlotte Oh so dramatic! by princess.skye The Prince and I
I hope the Lost Princess Skylark found her way home.

Long live the King